Logroño, Spain
11 - 19 December 2016


During the school week from 11 - 19 December 2016 three students from each partner school were shadowing the school life in Inmaculado Corazón de María (Logroño, Spain) to experience  it in practice.

On the first welcome day, the host students introduced their country, the region and their town to their guests. The visitors learnt a lot about the history and the Spanish culture not only on that morning, but during the whole week.

The students and the teachers observed classes in the morning. Each day after the shadowing, there was a short discussion in small international groups reflecting on the learning activity, evaluating the day and sharing new experience. They also discussed essential criteria and aspects of an ideal school.

In order to increase the students' cultural awareness, digital skills and language skills, the students worked in international teams on individual tasks during the exchange.

  • Shooting a film covering most interesting aspects of school and free time the students during the exchange.
  • Creating a souvenir with snapshots of the host town/city during the stay to create a photobook.
  • Host school in images: a presentation about the host school with the photos of the school environment and its facilities put into a presentation shown to other students after returning from the exchange.

The accompanying persons (teachers) were monitoring all the activities, giving advice and helping the students with individual tasks. The teachers had a chance to talk to the staff of the host school, observing the school life and classes.


There was a treasure hunt in the centre of Logroño  which lies on the Camino de Santiago in a famous wine region of La Rioja. There was also a field trip to learn about the culture and history of the region in an innovative way. The tour around the region of La Rioja let the visitors admire a beautiful landscape full of vineyards in the Ebro valley. They got a chance to visit a famous Vivanco museum of wine culture which introduces over 8,000 years of its history on the area of 4,000 square metres in six rooms. There are many picturesque villages on both sides of the river. The villages and castles were the frontier during the reconquest time.  Laguardia with its Church of Santa María de los Reyes was worth a visit.