Szkoła Podstawowa nr 77
Gdańsk, Poland

The school has got 397 students altogether - 280 at the primary level and 117 at the lower secondary level. In the primary school students are aged from 6 (a so called zero class) up to 12 years old, at the lower secondary level, students are aged from 13 to 15. There are 52 teachers and 20 other workers such as cleaners, maintenance people, accountants, etc.

It is a public school. It is represented by the headmaster but run and supervised by the city hall.

The school is situated near Gdańsk Bay. It is a ten-minute walk to the beautiful park and the beach. The school is located in a quiet area, far from noisy streets, near the Ergo Arena which is a big place where all important sport and cultural events take place. It is also close to Sopot -popular summer destination.

Both primary school and a lower secondary school are located in one building.

Students are evaluated by:

  • teacher's observation (student's concentration and involvement, interest, own work, initiative, self-discipline, etc.),
  • oral answers,
  • shorter and longer written tests,
  • evaluation tests,
  • worksheets,
  • practical work done by students,
  • projects.

Students from the third to sixth class of primary school and students in the lower secondary school are evaluated by marks. 6 is the best mark and 1 is the worst.

Students in the first and the second class of primary school are evaluated with letters.

W - you work perfectly (it functions as 6)

B - you work very well (it functions as 5)

D - you work well (it functions as 4)

P - you can work better (it functions as 3)

M - you have to work on it (it functions as 2)

Z - you have to pass it (it functions as 1)

The school is involved in the Erasmus plus project "Invent an Ideal School Through a European Experience" and one eTwinning project "Traditional Food".

School Day

There are different hours when the children and teenagers start their school day:

  • the so called "zero class" starts their school at 8:15 every day,
  • children from the 1st to the 3rd grade of the primary school start their school day at 8:00 every day,
  • students from the 4th to the 6th grade of a primary school and all students from the lower secondary school usually start they school day at 8:00 but there are some classes that start their school day at 8:45 but it happens only one or two days in a school week.

There are different hours when the children and teenagers start their school day:

  • the so called 'zero class' finishes their school day at different hours: usually they finish at 2 in the afternoon but sometimes they finish at 1 (on Tuesdays),
  • students from 1st to the 3rd class usually finish at 11:30 but sometimes they finish at 12:30,
  • students from 4th and 6th class and all students from the lower secondary school finish their school day at 13:30 or 14:30 (it depends on the day).

Teachers and students go to school 5 days a week (from Monday to Friday). There are some cases when some teachers and students work on Saturdays, that is, open days, family events or sport events. Teachers then have to tell the headmaster that they will be present. Students have to tell the same to their educators.


The break starts and finishes when the bell rings. The lessons last for 45 minutes and there are 10- minute breaks after the first three lessons and 15-minute breaks after the next three lessons.

Breaks number four, five and six are lunch breaks. Different classes have their lunch breaks at different time.

After school activities, excursions, clubs.

There are a lot of after school activities (Sports and Games, Physiotheraphy Exercises, Arts and Crafts, Theatre, Choir, Science, Foreign Languages, etc. ).

Dress code

In our school teachers don't have any dress code. However, students have to wear uniforms.

  • In primary school it is a blue T-shirt with the logo of our school and a dark blue vest with our logo.
  • In the lower secondary school it is a blue shirt, white and red tie, dark blue vest with our logo

Parents and teachers can communicate:

  • via digital class register,
  • during face to face meetings (teacher consultation hours (45 min),
  • during consultation hours (usually after teachers' meetings in the late afternoon),
  • through the phone,
  • via e-mails.

After each teachers' meeting, all teachers have to be available for parents for 1,5h. If there is a meeting with educators, all of them meet with parents in classrooms. The rest of teachers waits in the teachers' room for parents. If there is no meeting with educators, all teachers wait for parents either in their classrooms or in the teachers' room.

All school information is available on the school website: